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1   Link   Annual particle flux observations over a heterogeneous urban area. Järvi L., Rannik Ü., Mammarella I., Sogachev A., Aalto P. P., Keronen P., Siivola E., Kulmala M. and Vesala T., (2009).
2   Link   Comparison of net CO2 fluxes measured with open‐ and closed‐path infrared gas analyzers in urban complex environment. Järvi L., Mammarella I., Eugster W., Ibrom A., Siivola E., Dellwik E., Keronen P., Burba G. and Vesala T., (2009).
3   Link   Global to city scale model for anthropogenic heat flux. Allen L, F Lindberg, CSB Grimmond, 2010. International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.2210.
4   Link   Continuous sky view factor from high resolution urban digital elevation models. Lindberg F. & CSB. Grimmond (2010). Climate Research, 42: 177-183 doi:10.3354/cr00882.
5   Link   The International Urban Energy Balance Models Comparison Project: First results from Phase 1. Grimmond C.S.B., M. Blackett, M. Best, J. Barlow, J.J. Baik, S. Belcher, S.I. Bohnenstengel, I. Calmet, F. Chen, A. Dandou, K. Fortuniak, M.L. Gouvea, R. Ha
6   Link   Local-Scale Urban Meteorological Parameterization Scheme (LUMPS): Longwave radiation parameterization & seasonality related developments. Loridan T, CSB Grimmond, BD Offerle, DT Young, T Smith, L Jarvi, F Lindberg, 2010. Journal of Applied Meteorolo
7   Link   Initial Results from Phase 2 of the International Urban Energy Balance Comparison Project. Grimmond CSB, M Blackett, MJ Best, J-J Baik, SE Belcher, J Beringer, SI Bohnenstengel, I Calmet, F Chen, A Coutts, A Dandou, K Fortuniak, ML Gouvea, R Hamdi, M
8   Link   Mitraka, Z., Chrysoulakis, N., Kamarianakis, Y., Partsinevelos, P. and Tsouchlaraki, A., 2011. Improving the estimation of urban surface emissivity based on sub-pixel classification of high resolution satellite imagery. Remote Sensing of Environm
9   Link   Lindberg, F. and Grimmond, C.S.B., 2011. The influence of vegetation and building morphology on shadow patterns and mean radiant temperatures in urban areas: Model development and evaluation. Theoretical and Applied Climatolog, DOI: 10.107/s00704-010
10   Link   Iamarino, M., Beevers, S., and Grimmond, C. S. B., 2011. High Resolution (Space, Time) Anthropogenic Heat Emissions: London 1970-2025. International Journal of Climatology (in press)
11   Link   Chrysoulakis, N., Abrams, M., Kamarianakis, Y., and Stanislawski, M., 2011. Validation of ASTER GDEM for the Area of Greece, Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 77, 157–165.
12   Link   Gobakis, K., Kolokotsa, D., Synnefa, A., Saliari, M., Giannopoulou, K. and Santamouris, M., 2011. Development of a model for urban heat islandprediction using neural network techniques. Sustainable Cities and Society Journal (in press).
13   Link   A González, A Donnelly, M Jones, J Klostermann, A Groot and M Breil (In Press). Community of Practice Approach to Developing Urban Sustainability Indicators. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management.
14   Link   A. Riikonen, L. Lindén, M. Pulkkinen and E. Nikinmaa 2011. Post-transplant crown allometry and shoot growth of two species of street trees. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 10, 87-94.
15   Link   Tallis M., Taylor Gail, Sinnett D., Freer-Smith P. 2011 Estimating the removal of atmospheric particulate pollution by the urban tree canopy of London, under current and future environments. Landscape and Urban Planning 103, 129-138.
16   Link   Loridan T& CSB Grimmond Multi-site evaluation of an urban land-surface model: intra-urban heterogeneity, seasonality and parameter complexity requirements. QJRMS doi: 10.1002/qj.963
17   Link   Loridan T & CSB Grimmond (2011) Characterization of energy flux partitioning in urban environments: links with surface seasonal properties Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology doi: 10.1175/JAMC-D-11-038.1
18   Link   Iamarino M, Beevers S, CSB Grimmond (2011) High Resolution (Space, Time) Anthropogenic Heat Emissions: London 1970-2025 International Journal of Climatology DOI: 10.1002/joc.2390
19   Link   Lindberg F & CSB Grimmond (2011) Nature of vegetation and building morphology characteristics across a city: influence on shadow patterns and mean radiant temperatures in London Urban Ecosystems doi:/10.1007/s11252-011-0184-5 Allen L, F Lindberg, CSB
20   Link   Järvi L, CSB Grimmond, A Christen (2011) The Surface Urban Energy and Water Balance Scheme (SUEWS): Evaluation in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Journal of Hydrology 411,219-237 doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2011.10.001
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